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Land Transfer Tax - How It Is Calculated

Tags: Land Transfer Tax - How It Is Calculated

Ontario Land Transfer Tax 0.5% - first $55,000 1.0% - between $55,000 - $250,000 1.5% - over $250,000 2.0% - over $400,000 Qualifying first time home buyers receive a $2000 credit Toronto Land Transfer Tax 0.5% - first $55,000 1.0% - between $55,000 - $400,000 2.0% - over $400,000 First time buyers are exempt on the first $400,000 ...Read More

By: Pat Durant

Wait! Don't Buy The Wrong House!

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Buying with your heart instead of your head could net you some future headaches.  You might discover later, that you have paid too much for your home, or find defects, or maybe the neighbourhood won’t be just as you thought. Add these suggestions to your Home shopping: ·        Take a walk around the neighbourhood Walking through a neighbourhood will give...Read More

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Decorating With Colours

Tags: The Colour Wheel

The Colour Wheel Everyone knows that a very inexpensive and fast update to your home is by using paint.  You can add an even greater bit of panache by using complementary colours in your decorating schemes. When complementary colours are used in interior decorating, the end result is nothing less than dazzling. Here's how to go about it… Before deciding which colour goes where, ...Read More

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Landlord Mistake #1

Tags: Landlord Mistake #1

One landlord tells her story about suffering through some months of lost rent, and what saved her. "We should have clued in that there was an issue when the first month of vacancy passed by and no tenant was found. As the second month of vacancy began with no good tenant prospects we started to worry that we would lose three months of rent. We decided to check out the property and see wha...Read More